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Power Tools forum was originally started 15 years ago. But for a variety of reasons not least of which was me thinking 'I need a real job' the forum was left to languish and die out.

It was originally created on Yahoo! Groups and had over 1,000 active members contributing ideas and software choices.

The Covid-19 pandemic gives a perfect opportunity to resurrect the forum and get it running again.

The forum then as now is allow about finding Software and Apps which really make your life easier.

Perfect examples of software discovered back then which I still use today are:-

  • ClipMate which turbo charges your copy and paste functions - keeping a record of all your copy and paste content, allowing you to clean text up easily (ie. capitalisation... not swearing) and power paste which allows you to repaste in the order copied or reverse order. Simple little things but so useful.

  • Snag it - software that allows you to screen shot and capture video and audio outputs. I use it all the time. IN fact I use their editor as my go to graphics editors for simple tasks - have just used it to increase the transparency on the forum header.

  • Dopus - and advanced file manager, ftp client etc etc.

  • Mediamonkey - I guess everyone knows media monkey for editing/managing media files.

  • Evernote - 15 years ago software called Zen promised what Evernote eventually delivered and one stop informational database where you could dump everything and find it all again.

That's just a handful of the Powertools I would recommend - what say you? Visit our forums to make your own recommendations.

We'll be restart in our Power Tool Awards soon and all of the above get my vote.

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